Krazy Karaoke!

Every Sunday at 8:30pm, Terry Daukus hosts Krazy Karaoke night! Wanna have fun? Come join us and the rest of the APFU gang while singing your heart out.


Virtual Party!

Virtual Party
Wanna listen to great piano songs, rarities, and popular hits? Then come and listen to John Devlin and Vyto B.'s Virtual Party. Starts every Monday at 8:30pm.

DJ Night!

Starting at 8pm, come to A Place For Us and have fun! DJ night with Kyle featuring Reggae, Soul, and Oldies!

Game Board Chil Night

Frank Nielson and Jeph Lein
Join us for a night of fun with board games and chilling with your friends!

Open Mic Night

Open Mic
Every Thursday night starting at 7:30pm, Xavie Chavez hosts Open Mic. You can show off your love for piano, poetry, guitar, singing, performing with your band, anything. Express your creativity!

Friday Double Header!

From 9-12:30, we have DJ Dance and Theme Night hosted by the Incredible Gary "T"!

Live Music!

8:30pm-Close: Opening Bands Hosted by: John Ariel
and Kevin "Sunshine" Rachner.